Ione’s (“eye-oh-knee”) Baby Brother/Baby Sister

I don’t know precisely when Ione started talking about “Baby Brother/Baby Sister” but they have been part of her daily banter. I love it. I truly love her love for her sibling and she hasn’t even met them yet. She just knows they are going to make her a big sister and that is going to be the best!

Although, at first I was worried. We were going through fertility and then pregnancy problems. I thought “what if.” What we aren’t able to give her a baby brother or baby sister? What if we don’t have a baby? What if we start adoption and we aren’t chosen? What if? What if? What if?

Well, now that we’re on the right path toward finding Ione’s baby brother or baby sister through open adoption, I feel confident Ione will grow up as a big sister and one of the best.

We can’t wait for you to join our family, “Baby Brother/Baby Sister”.


Beginnings start with the first step

After talking about open adoption for the past few years and knowing it was a right fit for our family, we have finally taken our first step(s) toward welcoming Baby #2 into our lives.

Let me take a quick respite from crossing things off our to do list to update you on what’s be happening in our household. As most of you know (since this blog is for family and friends too), we struggled quite a bit over the past decade with fertility. We were so very blessed to have Ione three and a half years ago. During our long battle to catch her from the heavens, we discussed adopting. Since those first conversations, adoption has always been a part of our family plans. Now that Ione is insistent (and I mean constantly INSISTENT) on being a big sister to “baby brother baby sister,” we decided its the perfect time to get going. We had previously researched adoption agencies and lawyers, closed vs open adoption, and  we knew we would have the best team at IAC, an open adoption agency.

So, we’ve taken our first step (which turns out to actually be what seems like a thousand tiny steps to make the first step into circulation). We chose open adoption. In open adoption, our birthmom chooses us from the myriad of other beautiful adoptive families. Like I said, there are many itty bitty to rather large steps to take until we can actually launch our family’s profile in the agency’s website – some are listed below. They’re all great steps which will ensure to the birth family that we’re great people and full of love for the baby and birth family. But man, there is a lot to do. And that makes me so happy. I can’t tell you how great this process has been for this “list maker.” I feel so productive and can’t wait to get our family into circulation.

First few steps: We found a wonderful adoption agency, Independent Adoption Center (IAC). We went to their workshop. We started to check items off our to dos list right away. We visited the DMV for our ten year records (which was really easy and pleasant). We got fingerprinted to ensure our baby’s birth parents know we’re good peeps (which was easy but surprisingly expensive). We read the mandatory book (well, I did). We filled out many forms. And we’re still crossing off items off the to do list.

Getting fingerprinted

This week was a big one for our family. We had our home study, had family “candid” photos taken, started this blog! and received final approval on our profile text after only two rounds of tiny revisions. Next steps are finalizing the design of our profile, getting a couple other official documents (70 Hedding, here I come), and physicals. It’s all very exciting.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in this decision making process and for supporting us through what will end up being one of the most important steps we’ve taken in our lives. We love you!